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Fazenda Camocim is the first biodynamic farm to win a Cup of Excellence competition in 2017 Brazil Naturals with one of the highest scores recorded in that year of 93.6 pts.  Fazenda Camocim is also the first farm from the region of Espirito Santo to win a Cup of Excellence competition.

The coffees and biodynamic products produced at Fazenda Camocim have already been exported to 27 countries in Europe, Oceania, USA and Asia, with total local production of about 2,000 coffee bags per year, and with a production expansion forecast to reach 50,000 bags by the year of 2022. Camocim also produces products such as cascara,  jellies and coffee blossom honey. About 7 years ago  the farm began the production of Jacu Coffee, nationally and internationally recognised as Jacu Bird Coffee, the most exotic and valuable coffee in Brazil.

Camocim has its own laboratory and tests its green coffee beans to guarantee and control the quality of the coffee. We evaluate the sweetness and other elements, in order to guarantee the purity and flavor of the coffee that reaches the public.


Our coffee selection machine eliminates any beans with defected format, color , damaged and broken. The whole process is done this way  to not allow a bad bean fermentation,  eliminating the risks of the existence of bacteria that could contaminate the lot.

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All the coffees commercialised by Camocim are 100% pure, without impurities or chemical additives, of the highest quality, which is prized by the health of its consumers.



There are 5 graders that analyze, classify and give score to the coffee. It is a system similar to the analysis and classification of wines.


It is a procedure with a lot of technical criteria, with a score of zero to 100. All the coffees of Camocim have a score of more than 80 points and have already been awarded several times as the best coffee in the country.


In Brazil, BSCA has certified suppliers that analyze, classify and define the quality of Brazilian coffees. In addition, BSCA promotes championships, educational lectures and quality certificates for the Brazilian coffee analyzed. Camocim has been a member of BSCA for more than 10 years.


Present in more than 50 countries, biodynamic products are uniformly marketed under the Demeter brand, which guarantees that they were produced respecting the cultural, economic and ecological characteristics of the environment.

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