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Green Beans and Powder

Exclusive production of Fazenda Camocim, is a coffee of rare quality, with flavor and aroma differentiated from everything you have already experienced. Each package delivers a unique experience, which is not repeated.


Made up of a blend of organic and biodynamic coffees, the best coffees are selected by the Jacu bird. A natural selection where there is no human intervention or control.


The jacu chooses the best fruits for its feeding and, after a quick digestion, expels the grains, which are clean and treated, giving origin to the best coffee in the world. Native bird of the Atlantic Forest, the Jacu is a vegetarian bird that inhabits forested and preserved areas and its presence is an environmental health signal of the region.


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Taste and aroma, smooth and sweet, full body with notes of ripe citrus fruits and balanced acidity.  The harvest is all made by hand by our team, respecting the cycles of nature.

Our coffees cultivar are 100% Arabica, with the following varieties: Iapar 59; Catuaí 44; Caturra Red, Catucaí; Catucaí-Açu, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra Yellow.


For more information like samples ,fresh crop and availability please contact our distributor channel here.

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Camocim green coffee beans are available online on the European market. Here you will find small batches of whole green coffee beans for home roast and green coffee powder, a rich and healthy source of antioxidants.

Please check our product availability here.



A unique drink, neither coffee or tea, Cascara means “husk” or “skin” in Spanish.

Cascara is the pulped skin that is collected after the coffee beans have been removed from the cherries, and then dried.  Although it comes from the coffee plant, the drink does not taste like coffee.  It is often described as having a slightly sweet, fruity taste.


Cascara Tea offers a smooth, delicious energy boost. 

Please check our product availability here.

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         Biodynamic Coffee Assortment 

Front Kaffee.png
Back Kaffee.png

Light Roast 455 g


Green Coffee Powder
       1 Kg

Front Espresso.png
Espresso Back.png

Medium Roast 455 g


Green Coffee Powder
       500 g

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