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Smells like Biodynamic Coffee



Biodynamic coffee, the most sustainable coffee culture on the planet, uses knowledge of astronomy, with crops and plantations respecting the phases of the moon and the planets. It uses homeopathy to create protection and strengthen plants and the environment. The result of this practice is a coffee with a pure and intense flavor, organic, more resistant to prague and with low oxidation.


Fazenda Camocim became a reference in the agricultural plantation of conservation and use of the soil. It mixes the planting of coffee with other cultures, using the same space and creating conditions for the preservation of the environment: it combines coffee, palm heart, fruits, herbs. It is a technique where different species are planted, next to each other, providing reciprocal advantages to each other in the same agricultural area as for example pest reduction.



Rudolf Steiner prescribed nine different preparations to aid fertilization which are the cornerstone of biodynamic agriculture, and described how these were to be prepared. Steiner believed that these preparations transferred supernatural terrestrial and cosmic "forces" into the soil. The prepared substances are numbered 500 through 508, where 500, 501 and 508 are used for spreading in the fields whereas the latter six are used for making compost.


It stimulates soil microbial activity and root development, increasing depth of root systems

Horn manure 
Preparation 500

It is the preparation of LIGHT, providing leaf quality, fruits

and seeds, intensifying its organic properties, fruits with more flavor, aroma and richer in sugars

Horn Sílica
Preparation 501 

Acts as a catalyzer of the chemical processes applied in the compost

Preparation 502 

prevents fungal disease, contains tannin acting as an insecticide

added to the compost

Oak tree bark
Preparation 505 
Preparation 503 

Quickens the growth and provides the plants with capacity to resist malformation

Preparation 504 

Fends off plagues, removes excess

iron and nitrogen from the plants, a general fortifier added to the compost

Preparation 506 

Ads sensitivity to the soil

and compost


powerful flowering stimulant very important to generate heat

in the compost

Preparation 507 

used as a foliar spray to suppress fungal diseases in plants

Horse Tail
Preparation 508 
horse tail.png

Here the horn manure and silica are dynamize along with the preparations composts. From here on, Camocim staff will start spreading the goods on coffee plantation

Oak wooden barrel

Our coffee has organic cultivation, without the use of agrochemicals, only natural compounds. We are a world reference in biodynamic cultivation, whereas our coffee plantations being planted within the agroforestry system.

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