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In 1962, Fazenda Camocim was bought by the entrepreneur Olivar Araújo, superintendent of the Casa Sloper Group and one of the founders of Aracruz Celulose. He was a pioneer in the production of organic coffees in this region of Espírito Santo.

During 30 years it replanted trees, protected nascent trees and recovered the soil. Olivar also planted exotic trees, mainly Eucalyptus, Pine, Araucaria and Liquidambar, the last one being Camocim's symbol.


The cultivation of coffee began in 1996. The farm was succeeded by entrepreneur Henrique Sloper Araújo, who was also president of BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association).

The owners sought the autonomy of the farm and chose to produce a high quality coffee, organic, without agricultural defensives and without agrotoxics. In order to reach this objective, an external consultancy was hired that allowed the farmers to understand and adopt the best practices in the plantation. Later, the farm improved the technique and began to produce biodynamic coffee, which has better quality, is more resistant to pests at the same time it enriches the soil and improves the environment.

Camocim is certified by IBD (Biodynamic Institute), which guarantees the authenticity of its production without chemical additives. IBD is the largest certifier in Latin America and the only Brazilian certifier of organic products. IBD certification has international credibility and is monitored by institutions such as IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), from England; DAR, from Germany; USDA, from the United States and JAS, from Japan. IBD certified products are exported to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, USA, France, Holland, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada

Camocim begins to produce Café do Jacu, which is a coffee exclusively produced by Fazenda Camocim, made from the selection of the best coffee grains made by Jacu bird. The first production of Jacu Coffee occurred in 2006, with a few kilos. In 2008, it reached about 150 kilos a year. Both tons are currently produced, and 80% goes to countries such as France, Japan, Australia and the United States. The coffee is distributed in differentiated brands of restaurants, hotels and excellence cafeterias.

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Fazenda Camocim obtains Demeter certification, which identifies biodynamic products worldwide. Demeter products are part of an international ecological network linked to Demeter International, based in Germany. The Biodynamic method guarantees that the cultivation of the product respected all the rules of fertility of the soil,  plants, seeds and its fertilization was made in harmony with the animals and the environment in general. It guarantees the diversity of the local agriculture. The Biodynamism respects all the alive processes, in particular, the regular and conscious use of the Biodynamic preparations and the respect for the cosmic rhythmic cycles in the vegetal and animal production.

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